Our Mission.

We’re the business aiming to make your business as successful as possible regarding its payment methods – which is crucial for existing in the modern and quick moving world. We want to ensure that your business is up to date with industry standards and customer expectations. We are convinced that this is the best thing a business owner could do for their company and it is our pleasure to assist in that growing process.

Our Story.

Salus Payments was founded with the idea of helping and providing solutions. We aim to provide our merchants with tools, knowledge and services that make the job of accepting credit cards easier for all businesses regardless if you are large or small, online or offline…we will find a solution tailored especially for your business while keeping your long term success in mind.

We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. That is why we treat you like family, not just another merchant. It’s about time that an industry association was built on honesty, integrity and loyalty….and that is what sets us apart from the rest. We are here for YOU!

Our vision at Salus Payments is simple: To provide superior credit card processing services and technology while treating our merchants as part of our family. Unlike other service providers out there who look at you as a number or transaction, we feel that every business owner deserves respect, trust and support from their provider. And because of this philosophy – we have been able to form strong relationships with all types of people and businesses.

Meet The Team.

Alexis Lichterman

Hello! I’m Salus Founder and CEO, Alexis Lichterman. I have been in the Payments Industry for close to 15 years and have enjoyed every exciting moment of it. This space is ever-changing, and it’s hard for busy merchants to keep up. I see it as mine and Salus’s duty to inform them of those changes that affect them and their businesses.

Javier Fernandez

I am Javier Fernandez the C.F.O. at Salus Payments. I started in the Electronic Payments industry in 2013 after a long career in the Consumer Goods and the High-Tech Industries. You would think that finance for a service industry like ours would be simple and easy, but that is not the case at all. So many components: banks, processors, agents, discount, interchange, retrievals, chargebacks, rejects, assessments, authorizations, so many more!

Noemi Uribe

I am the latest addition to Salus Payments and it has been an honor to work with such an awesome team! I met Alexis and her partners about 5 years ago at our previous employer and even though I do not have the 15 years Alexis has in this industry, I do have a 20+ years of experience in the banking industry which made me a great fit for Salus.

Tribute to a Founder

John Yarmy aka “JY” was a Founding Member of Rigel Salus, and the driving force behind the launch of our company in 2017. He pounded the pavement, attended every meeting possible, analyzed many processing statements, networked liked crazy, and poured his heart into every single day. He was a highly respected professional in Payments for over 25 years, and we were the lucky ones he chose to join on the “entrepreneurial journey.” His huge and beautiful heart gave up on July 3, 2021, surrounded by his close friends on a golf course in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leaving us all devastated and missing him so very much. His spirit lives on within our company and is consulted on every decision we make for Rigel Salus. Thank you, JY. We love you. To read more about John’s legacy – CLICK HERE.

"We believe in bringing trust and value back to merchants and small businesses. The way we bring trust and value back is by prioritizing humans, doing the right thing."