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Homeowners Association

A homeowners association approached us to help with their credit card processing. They had been working with two major credit card processors that had recently put their account on hold due to high ticket sales and not understanding their business model. Merchant was very frustrated about holds to their account and total lack of an adequate customer service resolution process. After looking for other payment solutions and being turned down due to their business, the merchant visited our website and learned about how we had helped numerous “hard to place” merchants. We met with them, and they explained their business model in detail. We in turn explained the electronic payment process, focusing on how we would approach some of the banks we work with. The underwriting team was provided all documentation, along with an in-depth explanation of the billing process. Merchant’s account was approved in less than a week!

Government Contractor

A merchant that dealt with government goods and services came to us with the need to process credit cards for very high amounts. They processed only a handful of these large transactions. They had issues with their processing in the past and were looking for a solution that could be more stable and effective. We came to the rescue and reached out to one of our bank partners to build a case. Banks and processors often need more detail so they can feel comfortable with some of these non-traditional businesses. We can reach out to multiple partners and represent these merchants, so they understand the merchant’s business models, goods & services and sales activity. The account was approved quickly, and the merchant has been processing with us for over five years! No issues whatsoever since then.

Multi Station Restaurant

A local restaurant was frustrated with their existing equipment and electronic processing. We met with the merchant to review their existing processing and determine the best solution for them going forward. We were able to install a multi-station POS system that fulfilled the merchant’s needs and was an improvement to their existing solution. Due to the high acquisition cost of the equipment, we are offered in-house financing for all new equipment and the merchant was very appreciative of that option. The merchant has been processing for years and value the Salus customer service which has been available to help them with any issues regarding their equipment or processing. Another happy customer! 

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We integrate with your business so that you can get back to focusing on what matters: running your company. Our team of experts ensure you have a great experience while simplifying your business’s technology and high risk merchant processing account setup.