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What We Do.

Our team of experts ensure that your account is set up quickly, easily, and most importantly strong and secure.

What We Offer.

High Risk Processing

We help many businesses deemed, "high risk" process credit cards for their customers. We believe that legal businesses of all risk levels deserve a reliable, strong payment solution. We would love to help you obtain just that.

Chargeback Monitoring

Chargebacks are a very serious matter for any business. If you are considered high risk, it is even more important for you to stay on top of your disputes and chargebacks. We can help you keep your chargeback ratios lower, with the help of monitoring tools and best business practices.

Gateway Deployment

We offer virtual terminals and gateways for your ecommerce site. With quick authorizations, in depth reporting, and shopping cart compatibility, you can streamline your checkout. Not to mention an easy and enjoyable customer experience.

Consulting Services

If you're new to the ecommerce space, or just looking for recommendations, we can help. With over a decade of experience, we have great relationship with vendors from order fulfillment to customer service. We provide consultation services for our clients at no cost.

Our Difference

We aren’t like other Payments companies. We have held many positions within the industry, and chose to focus many of our resources on helping merchants who have found themselves “hard to approve.” With our unique processing bank partnerships, we can find most businesses their perfect payments home. And when we do, it reminds us why we love our jobs.

Case Studies

CBD Merchant

A merchant who recently opened an online CBD store came to us after being shut down by a well-known payments company (rhymes with air). Not only was their payment processing terminated, but their last two batches were held.....
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Online Furniture Sales

Believe it or not, furniture stores find themselves in a "high risk category" based on their high transactions, and future delivery of goods. Online furniture stores present even more risk to a bank... Read More

Multi Location Adult Novelty Store

When the client came to us, they were frustrated with their existing provider. According to their current processing company, they were unable to receive lower pricing per transaction... Read More

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