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Cash Discount Vs. Surcharge Programs

Which Program is Right for Your Business? Cash discount and surcharge programs have grown increasingly popular over the past few years. Before implementing either program, business owners should be aware of the key differences between both programs to ensure they are operating legally and avoid card brand regulatory compliance issues,

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3 Ways to Lower Your Charge Backs

Chargebacks were originally introduced as a means of reassurance for customers when making card payments. Although well intended, they have become time-consuming and costly for businesses to deal with, so how do you reduce them? Here are three ways you can minimize chargebacks: 1.   Be sure customer experience is positive

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Celebrating 5 Years

It is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years since Rigel Salus was founded. Our founders John, Javier, and Alexis had worked together for a previous employer, and shared similar values. During this time, the three had decided that one day they would join together to form

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