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Our Solutions.

CBD Merchant

A merchant who recently opened an online CBD store came to us after being shut down by a well-known payments company (rhymes with air). Not only was their payment processing terminated, but their last two batches were held. When trying to reach a customer support representative, they were met with robots and endless “Contact Us” forms. They reached out to Salus for help, and we were happy that they did. We had their account approved in 4 business days, along with a secure and stable payment gateway that plugged directly into their shopping cart. Because we understand the latest trends and guidance on CBD, there have not been any held batches, and their startup reserve has since been removed. They are successfully processing over $20K in credit cards every month, and we are so proud to be their payments provider. 

Online Furniture Retailer

Believe it or not, furniture stores find themselves in a “high risk category” based on their high transactions, and future delivery of goods. Online furniture stores present even more risk to a bank. When the client came to us, they were unsure why their traditional bank turned them down. We educated them on the risks presented by their business model, as well as best practices to ensure lower disputes and chargebacks. After speaking directly with our acquiring bank and underwriters, providing them with all information needed to ensure their comfortability, we were able to approve the account. The success continues after the approval as well. Our risk team communicates directly with the bank’s risk department on larger transactions, and refunds without an offsetting sale. With the quick responses, the bank is happy and the customer doesn’t experience any delays in deposits.

Multi Location Adult Novelty Store

When the client came to us, they were frustrated with their existing provider. According to their current processing company, they were unable to receive lower pricing per transaction. They stated that this was due to their business type, and products sold being considered high risk. Here at Salus, this is not the case! We treated them as a “low risk” client, and beat their rates based on the exemplary processing history they provided to us via merchant statements. They have now been happily processing with us for years. Not to mention, we integrated with their existing point of sale software to create a seamless switch.

We Integrate With Your Business.

We integrate with your business so that you can get back to focusing on what matters: running your company. Our team of experts ensure you have a great experience while simplifying your business’s technology and high risk merchant processing account setup.