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merchant services in San Diego

As your provider of merchant services in San Diego, we at Rigel Payments are committed to helping your small business thrive.

We offer small businesses reliable and comprehensive credit card processing solutions and are your partners who can support your everyday business needs.

Working with us means:

  • Smoother transactions when you accept payments from your customers through credit cards, debit cards, and electronic payments.
  • Greater security when processing and storing your business payment information and keeping your customer data safe.
  • Top-of-the-line technology to keep track of payments, help you understand business information, and collect accounts.

You can count on us to help simplify credit card processing, provide modern POS systems, and other services for your small business.

What is A Merchant Services Provider?

Payment processors use the term “merchant” when referring to their customers. These merchants are businesses that accept credit and debit card payments from their customers online, in person, or over the phone.

Rigel Payments offers merchant services systems and products to help your small business process payment forms successfully.

For example, our payment providers may:

How Do Merchant Services In San Diego Work?

Rigel Payments provides small businesses with the tools to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic payments for each transaction.

What Are Merchant Services Products?

Part of what makes our customers successful is the different products we offer for small businesses to be able to accept and process payments.

Our experts base recommendations in ways that work best for you, your business, and your customers.

POS (Point of Sale) Systems

A POS, or point of sale system, is where your customers can make payments to purchase your products, goods, or services at your store.

Every time a customer purchases something from you, they’re completing a point of sale transaction.

Credit Card Terminals

Credit card terminals, or Electronic Data Capture Terminals, are electronic devices that allow small businesses to accept customer credit and debit cards.

By having a credit card terminal available, your customers can make a payment when they swipe, tap, or dip their credit card.

Online Processing

Online processing allows you to sell your services and for your customers to buy those products or services online. This is also known as e-commerce.

With e-commerce solutions, you can set up a customized web store and accept credit and debit cards online when in-person payments aren’t an option.

We specialize in:

  • Credit and debit card processing at competitive rates
  • Merchant accounts of all risk levels
  • Retail, restaurants, healthcare, e-commerce, and more
  • Gift card programs
  • Loyalty programs
  • CRM integration
  • And much more!

Which Merchant Service is Best?

When it comes to improving your small business operations, every dollar counts. This is why finding a provider of merchant services in San Diego like Rigel Payments is essential.

Without the right merchant services in place, growing your business and serving your target market is practically impossible.

When choosing a payment processor, consider the following payment types:

  • Virtual terminals
  • Contactless or touch-free payments
  • Stand-alone, Countertop, Wireless and Mobile Terminals

Providing different payment options is essential for your customers and for your business to increase revenue and adapt to a changing economy.

5 Fees to Consider When Looking for Merchant Services in San Diego

It’s important to take note of costs and fees when looking to do business with a merchant services provider. Many of these charges depend on the type of solutions you need.

Be sure to keep the following 5 fees in mind:

  1. Equipment Fees
  2. Setup Fees
  3. Monthly and Service Fees
  4. Transaction Fees
  5. Credit Card Processor Fees

Payment Processing Fees:

Flat rate fees: Flat rate is a percentage that’s fixed based on charges when processing payments. This fee is suitable for small businesses in the retail industry and startups with low sales volume.

Interchange-plus: Credit card issuers like Visa and Mastercard have specific interchange fees for each card type. An Interchange fee works best for credit card transactions.

Direct interchange: When a merchant charges a one-off monthly fee without a percentage rate, it’s known as a direct interchange fee. This charge isn’t the best for small businesses with low sales volume.

Tiered rates: Tiered rates are grouped in different structures separated by each card type (Discover, Mastercard, Visa, etc.). This rate isn’t the most convenient for small or mid-sized businesses because fees can fluctuate.

Possible additional fees to look out for:

  • Account setup fees
  • Account fees
  • Processing fees
  • Statement fees
  • Compliance fees
  • Chargeback fees
  • Cancellation fees

Talk To Our Experts About Merchant Services in San Diego

At Rigel Payments, we believe you as the small business owner should have all the information when working with our merchant services specialists.

Increasing your knowledge and having access to professional insight 24/7 means making strategic decisions that can enhance your small business.

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