Merchant Services for eCommerce: The Basics

To remain competitive in today’s marketplace, business owners need to maintain some online presence. Whether that digital presence consists of a social media profile, online directory listing, or a website, your online identity allows consumers to find your business, research your services, and contact you via the internet.

Partnering with a merchant services provider and having a merchant services account is essential for a modern business owner. While many businesses have moved their products, goods, and services to an online store, many are still in the dark regarding how merchant services for eCommerce work.

With that in mind, our San Diego merchant services providers and experts at Rigel Payments have put together this blog to discuss:

  • Merchant services for eCommerce basics
  • eCommerce merchant service providers
  • eCommerce merchant accounts
  • How to apply for an eCommerce merchant account
  • Common eCommerce merchant services
Merchant Services for eCommerce: The Basics

Table of Contents:

  1. What is an eCommerce Merchant Services Provider?
  2. What is an eCommerce Merchant Account?
  3. Applying for an eCommerce Merchant Account
  4. Common Merchant Services for eCommerce
  5. eCommerce Merchant Services Payment Software
  6. eCommerce Payment Processing
  7. Conclusion

What People Ask:

What is an eCommerce merchant?

A merchant is a small business or company that sells services, products, or goods. An eCommerce merchant is a company or industry that sells products, goods, or services exclusively online.

Do you need a merchant account for eCommerce?

You cannot begin accepting and processing card payments online unless you have an eCommerce merchant account as an online business. You’ll need a merchant account that’s equipped to handle eCommerce demands like processing a wide range of card types and accepting a variety of currencies.

What is an eCommerce Merchant Services Provider?

The first, and most crucial, thing eCommerce merchants (online businesses) must understand is who they will be partnering with. A merchant services provider will significantly impact their business operations and overall profitability. Business owners should have at least a basic understanding of San Diego eCommerce merchant services providers for these reasons and many others.

By definition, a merchant services provider for eCommerce is a company that offers services to allow businesses to sell online.

Common eCommerce merchant services include:

  • Online payment processing
  • Payment online gateways
  • Shopping carts
  • Online payment software (virtual terminals)
  • Online fraud protection programs

What is an eCommerce Merchant Account?

Today, consumers use the internet to do most of their shopping and buying. This worldwide digital shift makes selling online incredibly rewarding for businesses of all sizes and industries.

With an eCommerce merchant account, business owners can experience significant growth as online shopping continues to skyrocket in the coming years.

An eCommerce merchant account is a business account that allows online sellers to process and accept debit and credit card payments. The fact is, the more ways business owners can offer their customers to purchase with them, the more their sales will increase.

Applying for an eCommerce Merchant Account

Believe it or not, applying for an eCommerce merchant account is a reasonably straightforward process. The business owner simply submits an application along with documentation about their company.

Supporting merchant account application documents often include:

  • Copy of business owner’s ID
  • Bank statements
  • Processing history
  • Business formation documents
  • Voided check from the depository account

Common Merchant Services for eCommerce

Online debit and credit card processing requires an eCommerce merchant account and services to make transferring funds from customer credit cards to the business banking account more streamlined.

From eCommerce payment processing to software and value services such as fraud protection and advanced reporting tools, merchant services designed for online selling are essential for remaining competitive in today’s modern business environment.

Continue reading below to learn more about common merchant services for San Diego eCommerce businesses.

eCommerce Merchant Services Payment Software

An online payment begins with a customer entering their payment information into an eCommerce merchant’s checkout system. The online checkout system must then encrypt and manage that sensitive information before sending it off to the bank for approval.

The process of accepting and transmitting the customer’s payment information is handled by a specific piece of software known as a payment gateway. Many online businesses choose to get their eCommerce payment gateways from their merchant services provider.

At Rigel Payments, we provide secure, easy-to-use payment gateways designed to accept and process online card payments with ease.

eCommerce Payment Processing

Due to American consumers’ substantial usage of internet banking and shopping, eCommerce payment processing has become essential. Defined; payment processing for eCommerce is accepting electronic payments for online purchases.

Although each eCommerce merchant is different, the end goal remains the same: to make the online checkout experience and process as straightforward as possible while ensuring secure and safe transactions.

Typically, there are three components of eCommerce payment processing. These include:

  • Payment gateway: an online payment solution integrated into an eCommerce platform that allows customers to make payments for online purchases.
  • Payment processor: a company that communicates with and puts funds in an online business’s merchant account on behalf of the customers.
  • Merchant account: the gateway that communicates to the merchant’s bank. The online store’s gateway connects to the eCommerce merchant accounts and directly charges the customer’s payment data.


Whether you’re a business owner with an established eCommerce store or just starting out, online payment processing services, software, and methods are essential components of your long-term success. Understanding merchant services for eCommerce and knowing the must-have solutions for payment processing will help you choose the best providers.

Are you ready to discover all that eCommerce merchant services can do for your online business?

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