Celebrating 5 Years

It is hard to believe that it has already been 5 years since Rigel Salus was founded.

Our founders John, Javier, and Alexis had worked together for a previous employer, and shared similar values. During this time, the three had decided that one day they would join together to form their own company in Salus and Rigel – and then, one day came.

After careful consideration, they decided to separate High Risk and Low Risk from the marketing and information side which is why they were Salus Payments and Rigel Payments at launch. Rigel focused mostly on the local area while Salus was nationwide focusing on e-commerce merchants. At first, the dream team was as follows:

John – who handled retail ISO business for most of his career

Alexis – who was fluent in e-commerce

Javier – a financial wizz

And of course, Mike, who was the first employee when the company was formed.

With individual reputations and years of experience, the company was able to secure a unique relationship with Priority Payments, which allowed us to recruit the best agents who quickly became valued partners. John and Mike Started by going door to door for POS clients with a heavy focus on restaurants. Along the way,  they learned the implementation and service of the POS systems thus making Rigel Salus unique in the industry for not only selling but installing and servicing the POS systems ourselves.

The first “Rigel Salus” office was in Carlsbad before moving to Bonsall in 2020. This is when we added our next hire, Noemi, to better service our partners. In April 2022 the company saw a need to rebrand and consolidate both businesses under one name, which is how SALUS was born. During the rebrand, we updated logos, our website, and social channels to emphasize our union and make it easy for our clients to find everything they need from us in one convenient place.

Since we first opened our doors in 2017, we have provided our merchants with tools, knowledge, and services that make the job of accepting credit cards easier for all businesses regardless if you are large or small, online or offline… and have continued to find solutions while keeping long term success in mind. Today Salus is excited to celebrate this 5-year mark in the industry, however, they would be remiss not to mention this would not all be possible without their late partner John Yarmy. To read more about John’s legacy – CLICK HERE